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Hello! I'm Henry Tabima Giraldo, Mechatronic engineer, Full-Stack JavaScript and Ruby developer and lifelong learner.

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Real-time pocess monitoring

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Website built with WordPress and Vue.js

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Websites Screenshots CLI tool

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React.js example project

instagram bot

Instagram bot with Node.js

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Laravel example project

About me

From the age of twelve I started in the world of programming learning c ++, thanks to the programming after class lessons given in my school.

I love reading, playing the guitar, creating and always learning something new. I graduated as a mechatronic engineer and started a specialization in energy efficiency.

In 2016 I graduated from promotion 22 (PL22) of the leadership program of the Transformarte-Cali center (based on John Hanley's methodology), and in 2018 as Senior of promotion 5 in the In5ideƜ center.

Currently, thanks to Platzi , I'm learning about the latest technologies. you can see the certificates of the approved courses HERE.


Feel free to get in touch through my social media, or the next form.